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You need flash to use this website
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Web Design

Saviio creates software as a service applications (SaaS). This site was created using a fresh web 2.0 style and boasts a crisp and clean design to get the companies message across. This site also makes use of advanced features such as Javascript caching/minification and Google's apache "page speed" mod.

URL: Saviio

Spike Scott

Spike Scott is a highly successful composer. The site I developed makes use of jQuery to provide a seamless navigation system similar to that of flash so no page reloads are needed. It also integrates a fading background and Flash based MP3 Player to showcase Spike's work.

URL: Spike Scott

Freedom Technical

Freedom Techincal wanted a brand new identity on the web, and we gave them a bold and fresh looking website with all of the latest web standards. The website uses Flash animation, SiFR, and is built using pure CSS and XHTML. It complies with WC3 standards and passes priority class 3 accessibility standards.


The Glowhouse

The Glowhouse is a complete online ecommerce solution, boasting the latest web trends, such as SiFR and full css expandable layout. It also includes a custom admin section allowing for tracking of profit margins, complete control over all products and a product review system. If you need some glow sticks theres only one place you need!

URL: Glow Sticks

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random stuff im working on
Was messing around in flash the other day, playing around with some character shading. This is what i came up with.

See it!
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random stuff im working on
Blog links coming soon!
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