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Name: Richard Thompson
Age: 30
Nationality: English
Occupation: Currently working for iBuildings
Music: Trance, Ambient, Rock
Movies: Leon, Heat, 21 Grams, Crash


I started designing websites way back in 1997 whilst i was at college doing my A levels, after which i went to University to get my degree in Interactive Multimedia at Staffordshire University. During my time at University i also under took a lot of freelance work, the main bulk of which was for Multiplay UK, who i did numerous types of graphic and web design work for. After university i did freelance work for around 6 months before deciding to go travelling to various places round the world for 3 months which was a great experience.

Since then I've worked for myself as a Freelancer ,large Design Agencies, a film company and a SaaS development company. All this has given me an incredible amount of experience when dealing with the web in both design and development terms, plus the little things you just can't learn from a book!

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Was messing around in flash the other day, playing around with some character shading. This is what i came up with.

See it!
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random stuff im working on
Blog links coming soon!
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